Parenting Plans

When it comes to child custody or welfare issues, there are many complicated steps, forms and requirements imposed on the parents by the State of Florida.  While all of these things are enacted in order to protect the best interests of the child, for parents involved in the child custody process, it can seem like a maze of paperwork and red tape.  Parenting plans are one part of the child custody process that needs parent’s particular attention.

What is a Parenting Plan?

What Must Be Included in Our Florida Parenting Plan?

How Do I File a Parenting Plan in Florida?

There are several technical requirements to filing a parent plan in Florida.  The basics, however are that the plan must be typed in black ink and filed with the clerk of the court.  Unless you are self-represented, all petitions or pleadings, including the parenting plan, must be filed electronically.  There are also various timing requirements for filing a petition or counter petition and setting a trial time and date, if one is needed.

Do I need a Lawyer to Prepare my Florida Parenting Plan?


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