Child Support

At its most basic, child support is the means by which parents must provide financially for their children.  Florida courts determine the amount of child support one party must pay using various calculations and guidelines.  In Florida, courts use a method of calculating child support called the Income Shares Model.  In this method, the court will attempt to determine the amount of financial support the children would have received had the parents remained together.  This is then used to calculate the amount that one parent must provide to the other for continued financial care of a divorce or other child custody agreement.

Disclosing Finances

What Counts as Income?

Imputing Income

Sometimes a party may lessen their total hours worked, or change or modify their job, in order to lower the amount of income that they disclose on their financial affidavit, thus lowering their overall child support obligation.  In Florida, the court has the option to impute income to one party.  This is a complicated process, but begins with the court finding that the parent has voluntarily become unemployed or underemployed.  The court may then make the child support calculations based on what the party should have made, were they employed full time.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

Once income has been calculated and expenses documented, the court will then determine the amount of child support the custodial parent is entitled to.  In this process, the court combines the income amounts of both parties and determines the amount of financial support the child or children would have received had the parties stayed together.

This number is then plugged into the Florida Child Support Guidelines, a formal table that is regularly updated that gives specific amounts for financial support depending on number of children, income and various other factors.  The court has some leeway in determining the final amount in that they are allowed to increase or lower the final obligation by up to 5% if the specific situation calls for it.

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