Do you currently have unwanted real estate or bills you no longer can afford? Would you lke to remain in your home if you had a new lower mortgage payment?  Do you have unpaid bills and mounting debt? If so the bankruptcy and foreclosure lawyers at the Law Offices of Justin McMurray can help you with your foreclosure and bankruptcy questions. We offer you an opportunity to be freed of your debt and start fresh.

Filing Bankruptcy in Daytona will eliminate the debt you currently have and allow you to start over without worrying about paying those bills anymore. A short sale will allow you to sell your home for less than you owe allowing you to get rid of underwater realestate. If you would like to stay in your home a loan modificaiton may be an option to get new lower payments you can afford.

A bankruptcy will allow you to wipe out past, current, and future debt obligations with your lenders.  There are two forms of bankruptcy that allow you to do this in slightly different ways.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy settles the debt with your lenders by selling some of your major assets, like a house, car, or boat, and using that money to pay off some or all of the balance that you owe to those lenders.  Any amount of debt that cannot be paid back after selling all of your eligible assets will be dismissed.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy uses a restructured payment plan to make up some or all of the delinquent payments over the course of three to five years and eliminate the remaining balance of the debts following the conclusion of the payment plan.  This is sometimes referred to as the “wage earners” bankruptcy because it requires you to take on an additional monthly payment in order to satisfy the bankruptcy plan. Filing for a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy in Daytona Beach must follow the state of Florida’s bankruptcy laws, so working with a Daytona Beach bankruptcy lawyer who understands the state and local laws is a good idea.